The following are the general guidelines for times and rates.

  • For any In-Person Packages all clients have to be willing to train indoor.
  • The sessions are 1 hour in length.
  • Sessions are sold in packages only. Packages can be paid in full or in 2 - 3 installments.
  • Installment offer should be paid in-person only. No online transactions.
  • Individual packages can be split between spouses, partners, and significant others (for example, each spouse could use 30 sessions of a 60-session package).
  • Small Group Training policy:
    In the event of a group member's absence, the group can either cancel the session or opt for an individual session at an additional cost of $85 per session. If a member cancels their package, there are no refunds, and the remaining members must continue with the original package and renegotiate after its completion.
  • We accept all major credit cards.
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Gift Cards are Available!